Friday, December 14, 2012

Triumphant Jam of the Year

Phish, Light, Dick's

The Phish had quite the triumphant year. After leaving a bitter taste in fans' mouths due to last years New Year's run, they really tore it up this summer. Their tours had a bit of something for everyone: extended jams, rarities, and overall tight, dynamic playing. They capped it all off with probably their best 3 night stand since their return (UIC in 2011 and Hampton in 2009 also come to mind), and one that ranks with the greats of all time. Evidence of this is the standout jam from the run, if not the year, during the song Light. While this relatively new song is for the most part cornball, with cheesy lyrics and and a forced, unoriginal composition, it has undoubtedly been one of the best jam "vehicles" (kill me now god!) of the past few years.

Take your pants off and strap on your helmets:

Here's to looking forward to what the New Year's run and webcasts have in store.