Friday, February 28, 2014

Kind Tune of the Moment

The Temptations - Shakey Ground

The Temptations are pretty well known as likely the great Motown male vocal group, with classics like My Girl and The Way You Do the Things You Do. While listening to an extensive collection of Motown singles, which spanned over 50 CD's, their genius is evident. However, one track that wasn't included on this compilation, but rather appears on the Funk Box is Shakey Ground. The band had clearly evolved to keep up with the times, absorbing influences of the 70's funk movement, like George Clinton, Sly, Ohio Players, etc. Most people are familiar with their epic and much covered funk classic Papa Was a Rolling Stone (check Los Lobos version). But Shakey Ground brings the heavy funk. It was co-written by P-Funk guitar maestro Eddie Hazel, who plays guitar on the original:

Here's the somewhat different "disco edit:"

And a tripped out live version:

Here's a nice version by Fishbone, which includes some of the Chilli Peppers. Actually pretty good:

Bring the funk!