Friday, March 8, 2013

Kind Tune of the Moment

Jumpin' Jack Flash

Although it is undeniably catchy, never been a huge fan of this tune. Maybe the Stones' version is too pop for my tastes, or it's just overplayed. Whatever the case, when I heard Alex Chilton's (Big Star, Box Tops) version, it breathed new life into the tune. The poppiness is stripped away, and the essence of Keith is dialed up: the tune is more raw, and that patented Keith strum is exaggerated. And although not as pop, it is even catchier. 

In preparing this post, little did I know how many different artists have covered the tune over the years. Unfortunately, most versions are shit. But here are a few good ones:

Leon Russell did this version at the Concert for Bangladesh with Harrison, Clapton, Ringo, Billy Preston, etc.

 Last week we saw Edgar Winter tearing up Frankenstein on this blog, and now his blues playing albino bro gets his turn to rip it up. I certainly never would've imagined I'd ever write about one, let alone both Winter's ever, let alone within a week of each other.

Guns N Roses acoustic version is pretty cool. Lies might be my favorite GNR album, featuring their acoustic and bluesy take on things. This is in the same vein. They also recorded an electric version which is a pretty straight cover.

I would be remiss not to include Aretha's version, the official video from the film of the same name. Pure 80's cheese, it features Whoopi, Keith, Randy "Dog" Jackson on bass, Ron Wood, and the antichrist himself Jim Belushi. I didn't know Aretha was into coke. God I hope she was. Unfortunately, it didn't have a slimming effect for her.

A few other less successful versions:

Tina Turner

Thelma Houston

To finish things off back where we started, here's the Replacement's tribute to the man himself, Alex Chilton:

Never traveled very far
Without a little Big Star