Friday, January 18, 2013

Jerry & Bob


 In November 1980, Bob Dylan played 20 shows at the Warfield in San Francisco. One night, Jerry Garcia came down and joined Bob for the song To Ramona four songs in the first set, and three more in the second set. Download the show here and here. Nice setlist overall, which has been updated below. Although the albums from this gospel period left something to be desired, the shows were actually pretty good and interesting. too bad Jerry didn't stick around for a few more songs:

Disc 1
1. Got My Ticket
2. It's Gonna Rain
3. Come On In This House
4. Saved By the Grace of Your Love
5. Gotta Serve Somebody
6. I Believe In You
7. Like A Rolling Stone
8. Till I Get It Right (Vocal by Regina Havis)
9. Man Gave Names To All The Animals
10. To Ramona (Jerry Garcia on guitar)
11. Ain't Gonna Go To Hell (Jerry Garcia on guitar)*
12. Girl From The North Country (Jerry Garcia on guitar)*
13. Slow Train (Jerry Garcia on guitar)*

Disc 2
1. Walkin' Round Heaven All Day (Vocal by Carolyn Dennis)
2. Abraham, Martin And John
3. Let's Keep It Between Us
4. Mary From The Wild Moor
5. Covenant Woman (Jerry Garcia on guitar)
6. Solid Rock
7. Just Like A Woman
8. Senor
9. Simple Twist Of Fate (Jerry Garcia on guitar)
10. The Groom's Still Waiting At The Alter (Jerry Garcia on guitar)
11. When You Gonna Wake Up?
12. In The Garden*
13. Blowin' In The Wind
14. City Of Gold
15. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Interesting tidbit: reading Levon Helm's autobiography, he mentions a conversation he had with Dylan around 71 or 72. He asked Bob if The Band could get together and tour with Dylan sometime soon. Dylan responded that he was planning on touring with the Dead. There was no elaboration on the conversation, and those were foggy times, so one has to wonder how accurate Levon's memory was. Would've been something to see Dylan and the Dead together at the height of their powers. Unfortunately they waited until 1987 to join forces, which resulted in the unsatisfying record Dylan & the Dead.