Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kind Boots of the Week

Neil Young - The Complete Joel Bernstein Tapes
November 1976


1976 Tour Compilation. These songs that make up this boot come from "The Joel Bernstein Tape," compiled by long time friend/photographer/ musician of Neil, that surfaced after many years in Joel's personal collection (what else does he have?!?). This is an all acoustic boot that includes songs not, yet released and songs that didn't appear for many years, including an early version of "White Line", among others.

You can watch it on the youtubes.

Or you can download it on the internets, here, and likely other places with a google search.


01 Campaigner (Boston 11/22/76 E)
02 Old Laughing Lady (Atlanta 11/24/76 E)
03 Human Highway (Madison, Wis. 11/14/76)
04 Tell Me Why (Chicago 11/15/76 L)
05 After the Goldrush (Houston 11/11/76)
06 Harvest (Boston 11/22/76 L)
07 Mr. Soul (New York City 11/20/76 E)
08 Here We Are in the Years (Atlanta 11/24/76 L)
09 Journey Through the Past (Boston 11/22/76 L)
10 Heart of Gold, Fort Worth (Texas 11/10/76)
11 A Man Needs a Maid (New York City 11/20/76 L)
12 White Line, Fort Worth (Texas 11/10/76)
13 Give Me Strength (New York City 11/20/76 L)
14 No One Seems to Know (Boulder, Colo. 11/7/76)
15 Mellow My Mind, New York City 11/20/76 E)
16 Too Far Gone (Boulder, Colo. 11/6/76)
17 Needle and the Damage Done (Atlanta 11/24/76 E)
18 Pocahontas (Atlanta 11/24/76 L)
19 Roll Another Number (Boston 11/22/76 L)
20 Losing End (Atlanta, 11/24/76 L)
21 Love is a Rose (Houston 11/11/76)
22 Sugar Mountain (11/24/76 L)