Friday, August 16, 2013

Thank You Trey!

Phish Summer Tour 2013

Gone are the days of loading your Maxell XL II's into your boombox and dubbing crappy audience tapes several months or years after the shows occurred and the band had already moved onto other things. Here we have a generous Phishhead who has compiled a survey of the best jams of the summer, included in which you can listen to each track to decide for yourself. It's too easy. Kids these days have no fucking idea what I had to go through back in the 90's to hear the kind jams, all while smoking some Mexican ditch weed! The survey below has Youtubes embedded for most of the tracks. Otherwise you can go here or here for the audio. 

Thank you Trey! You're welcome!

Best Jams of the Summer 2013
I mean, back in my day we didn't have no freaking internet. We had to cut holes in a tapestry, stick our heads through it, and pretend we were on a spaceship heading to the dark side of the moon. Fuck it.