Friday, February 1, 2013

Pulling Teeth

There are some songs you only hear when you're in the dentists office. They've injected the Novocaine and waiting for it to take effect. You're kicking back, flipping through a 3 month old Newsweek. Then all of a sudden you hear something that blows you're mind:

Nations go to war over women like you
It's just a form of appreciation

But before you can think twice about it, they're drilling away. I recognized the song, but had to figure out what the fuck it was, and did it blow my mind. 

While the video speaks for itself, a few comments are necessary. First of all, Sheena Easton is not that hot, but her little pelvic thrusts are pretty sexy. Her head jerks are ridiculous. The production value of the video looks like the junior high AV club. They clearly didn't dress up the band or teach them any moves. So they just showed up in their Izods and grooved. But the lyrics, sweet baby Jesus! I can't imagine how much cocaine you have to be on to think you're saying something profound. Just surprised that someone didn't make a feature length movie based on the song. But at the same time, you've gotta love it. Particularly if you're at the dentists office huffing nitrous. But then again, getting your wisdom teeth pulled while huffing NO2 is a good time as well, so that's not saying much. And yes, holy shit, that is Bruce Hornsby playing keyboards in the video. Grateful Dead connection, we are everywhere.