Saturday, February 2, 2013

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Jerry Garcia Band 3-1-80 Capitol Theater Passaic NJ Early Show

This show, and the late show, have just been remastered and released through the official Jerry Garcia Store. But I just stumbled across the video of the early show. The audio is pretty good, the video a bit choppy but doable with a good buzz.  These shows have been widely celebrated and traded, and it's evident why. Jerry's in great form, and the rest of the band is locked in.  This is just before Melvin Seals joined the band for the rest of their duration. And while I love Melvin, Ozzie Ahlers is rather interesting on keys, particularly the synthesizer effects he uses. Ozzie had been around, playing in a number of notable bands, and backing up musicians such as Van Morrison. He's a natural fit with Jerry, and pushes the music to some interesting places.

 It's just a one set show, short and sweet, but the setlist is kickin', and the energy is cracklin', not always the case at a Jerry show.  

Catfish John
How Sweet It Is
Simple Twist of Fate
Sitting in Limbo
That's Alright Mama
E: Deal

Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
John Kahn - bass
Ozzie Ahlers - keyboards
Johnny de Foncesca - drums

Robert Hunter opened